Fabric Printing

To start designing, you need tools like irons and transfer kits. You can buy a transfer kit at a computer store. Some kits may have drawings for your project, but do not expect much, they may just provide enough to get you started. You can also find your images from the internet, but this requires a lot of searching to find what you love. You can also buy software from the store software area and you will get about tens of thousands of images to use. We recommend using this picture and put it on your shirt for sale. Choose the ink jet model printer.

Also prepare some ink cartridges if you are going to print a lot of shirts. If you are planning to make shirts for self-use then one cartridge is enough. Buy a quality printer to get great results. An iron is also needed to get the images onto the shirts but make sure that there’s no rust on your iron. You are going to need lots of shirts. Any color will do but if you’re new to this, start with a white one.

Determine the type of image you want to print on a shirt. If you have the appropriate software, you need to type into the search window for the type of image you want and you will get many results. If you do not have the software then uses the website to search for it. Now connect your iron to the transfer software.

Load the image onto the shirt, specify the size as desired and add a few words. Read the instructions carefully and make sure to load them properly. After getting the image design that fits on the transfer sheet, set your iron according to the rules on the kit, read the rules recommended by the kit carefully. Cut each drawing and writing to get perfect results. Try ironing on other fabrics like fabric printing or tote bag, so you get the prints as you wish.

Make sure the image you are using is not copyrighted so you do not violate the law. Making a shirt is a fun activity; you can make money from producing custom shirts. Choose the best equipment for good results as well.